High-pressure cleaning

Smet Jet has various high-pressure machines, ranging from 150 to 3,000 bar at flow rates between 20 liters/min to 300 liters/min. The nature of cleaning depends on these pressures and flow rates.

With high pressure and high flow rates, we are able to perform concrete renovations while preserving reinforcement and counteracting cracks in the concrete, also called hydrodemolition.

With high pressure and small flow rates (e.g. jetpack) we are able to remove concrete rot, coatings and paints on walls and partitions, and when abrasives are added, steel and other materials can be cut. This application is especially required in explosion prone areas.

Furthermore, sewers can also be cleaned by means of low pressure and high flow. The sludge from the sewer ring can be sucked up and then transported to an approved processor.

Because of this extensive range, we are able to clean automatically and semi-automatically under high pressure. These techniques ensure that various contaminants can be removed in a safe manner. Our highly effective method for removing difficult to move substances from a wide range of surfaces, is indispensable to industry. It is a versatile, accurate and efficient way for cleaning such as:

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