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Smet Jet has been a major player in the industrial cleaning market for more than 45 years, over which time it has developed a long-term relationship of trust with many companies. The services we provide include industrial cleaning, chemical technical cleaning, laser cleaning, sludge dewatering, tank cleaning, hydrodemolition and waste management.

The core values within our company are honesty, trust, expertise, enthusiasm, customer focus and safety awareness. 

In addition to our 'Passion for Clean', we attach great importance to safety, health, environmental awareness and quality. 

All our employees receive quality training, enabling each and every one of them to become experts in one of the various services we provide. Your safest bet for guaranteed quality, safety, efficiency and a focus on results. This training is provided at our very own and unique Smet Jet Academy. The staff at our training centre also coach our operators on the shop floor. 


Smet Jet is unrelentingly investing in a pleasant working environment where every employee gets the opportunity to develop their know-how and skills through training and education. This enables us to make sure our customers receive quality services and our staff to be keenly aware of applicable health and safety measures. 

In addition, we run our own workshop, where we like nothing better than to fine tune our vehicles, pumps and other equipment to make sure they deliver the best quality at all times, whilst enabling our staff to efficiently get on with the job in hand. In addition, working in tandem with our R&D department, this workshop devises innovative solutions that are a must for our customers but also raise the health and safety of our operators.

What is more, we endeavour to go about our operations in as environmentally responsible a manner as possible to reduce our ecological footprint. 


Smet Jet NV heeft drie zusterbedrijven met elk hun eigen specialiteit.

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