Industrial cleaning

During a production process various types of installations, systems, pipes, (storage) tanks and spaces get contaminated. As a specialist in industrial cleaning, Smet Jet provides a wide range of services for large and small industrial production companies. For example, power plants, waste processors, metal processing companies, pharmaceutical companies, food producers, companies in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

High pressure and super high pressure cleaning

Automatic and semi-automatic cleaning under high pressure and super high pressure ensures that various contaminants can be removed. Smet Jet has various high pressure machines ranging from 500 to 3000 bar for:

Our high-pressure techniques are also used for cold cutting of various types of steel or cutting of structures and industrial equipment. This is ideal for delicate work in fire- or explosion-prone environments. Cutting with ultra high pressure avoids shrinkage loss and ensures minimal material loss. 

Vacuum cleaning of liquids

Vacuum technology offers you the fastest and most efficient way to pump large quantities of wet substances such as liquids, oil residues or sludge. Vacuum technology is used to empty a tank, pit, silo, cellar, pipeline and sewer. Vacuum trucks can be used for: 

Vacuum cleaning of dry matter

An important aspect within industrial cleaning is the vacuuming of dry substances with dry substance trolleys, also called suction blowers. Smet Jet has a number of these types of vehicles, which are characterized by a large loading capacity. These vehicles are capable of vacuuming or blowing all kinds of dry substances such as sand, grains, shells, blasting grit, ores, fly ash, wood chips, coarse gravel,.. .Dry material trucks can be used at:

emergency service

Smet Jet assists, guides and supports in environmental emergencies, working in close consultation with various government and emergency services. 

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