Engineering is of cardinal importance to industry. Each day, our engineers work to come up with innovative solutions. These encompass entirely custom-devised solutions to suit a particular customer’s needs as well as solutions which may be used to serve a wide range of applications. Smet Jet believes in the importance of serving every single customer. Ideally, as efficiently and as safely as possible. We are constantly working to improve and modernise our services by way of the latest technologies and inventions.

Our engineers constantly have a number of key points in the back of their mind when devising and conducting new projects. One of these points being that Smet Jet consistently aspires to deliver eco-friendly solutions and services. Another important element that needs to be taken into account wherever possible is whether or not the solutions we come up with save time and money. We always endeavour to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective solutions in response to their demands.

Our workshop is staffed with experienced technicians who work in tandem with our engineers in designing and building new concepts for our own use or that are tailored to our customers’ needs.



Custom-built installations

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