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Smet Jet is ruim 50 jaar een grote speler op de markt van industriële reiniging.
Tal van bedrijven vertrouwen al jarenlang op de service van Smet Jet. 

The services we provide include industrial cleaning, chemical technical cleaning, laser cleaning, sludge dewatering, tank cleaning, hydrodemolition and waste management. Our R&D department is constantly working to come up with solutions that are not only innovative but also specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. All our employees receive quality training, enabling each and every one of them to become experts in one of the various services we provide. Your safest bet for guaranteed quality, safety, efficiency and a focus on results. This training is provided at our very own and unique Smet Jet Academy. The staff at our training centre also coach our operators on the shop floor. 

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Op verschillende werven in regio Limburg en De Kempen ga je geautomatiseerd of handmatig spuiten, ontvetten, reinigen van tanks/leidingen/silo’s. Samen met je team vertrek je vanuit het depot in Oevel en voer je de geplande werken uit binnen de afspraken rond veiligheid, gezondheid, milieu en kwaliteit. Je wordt een expert in deze nichesector door training on the job en zowel interne als externe opleidingen georganiseerd door onze eigen Smet Jet Academy
As a service technician you carry out maintenance and repairs on trucks. You are a troubleshooter and see it as a challenge to solve breakdowns and technical malfunctions both in our workshop and on location at our customers. You will detect malfunctions and determine technical solutions for the repair of the vehicle and equipment. In time you will possibly also be deployed for the 24-hour service.

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Head office

3 B-2260 Oevel

Tel: +32 (0)14 58 75 71
Fax: +32 (0)14 58 14 22
Mail: info@smetjet.be


NV Kluizenhof 5
B-9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas

Tel: +32 (0)3 727 10 10
Mail: info@smetjet.be


Hooggeleedstraat 24
B-8400 Oostende

Tel: +32 (0)59 33 96 50
Mail: info@smetjet.be


Rue de Hainaut 1
B-6180 Courcelles

Tel: +32 (0)71 464 545
Mail: info@smetjet.be


Parc Industriel 16 A
4400 Ivoz Ramet

Tel: +32 (0)4 263 91 26
Mail: info@smetjet.be

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Head office

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