Sludge Dewatering

Atox NV is Smet Jet’s sister company and is its own in-house specialist in sludge dewatering and wastewater treatment. Dewatering sludge is an important stage in the process of wastewater treatment, as well as in certain manufacturing processes. Sludge from wastewater treatment is drained of water as much as possible and then pressed, so that the matter sent for processing is as dry as possible. This reduces transportation costs and minimises processing costs. We transport the dry material (filter cake) to an approved processing centre.

Sludge from any type of production process can be dewatered by our installations. We also have equipment which can be used in aggressive environments (such as the chemical industry or metallurgy). Washing, compacting and blow-drying filter cakes are some of the options available. Since each type of sludge has different dewatering properties, the first step we take is coming to your premises to collect a sample, without any obligation on your part. We have our own laboratory where we can determine the dewatering properties of the sludge sample. We then study the dewatering properties, type of sludge, quantity, concentration, etc., in order to determine what would be the most beneficial solution for you. This method allows us to present you with an accurate and professional quotation, including the dry matter concentrations achievable, the flocculants or additives which will be used and the necessary equipment.

Atox has twelve mobile and semi-mobile systems at its disposal, including chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses, centrifuges. We also have dewatering containers, a dredging raft and pumps.

These systems can be deployed in various sectors and for various purposes:

  • During revisions or temporary alterations to existing installations
  • Environmental disasters
  • The emptying of basins, lagoons, silos, wells and other areas containing sludge
  • During the cleaning of waterways and ponds
  • To supplement a company’s own dewatering capacity
  • For carrying out tests

Atox can manage your dewatering requirements for you. Depending on your necessities, we can install an appropriate semi-mobile or permanent dewatering system, where we are responsible for the engineering, installation, monitoring and operation of the system. Thanks to our experience and technical expertise, we can ensure that the dewatering is always performed using the best available technology (BAT).

All our sludge dewatering installations are operated by VCA-certified personnel, who are trained in multiple disciplines

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