Industrial Cleaning

During production, various kinds of installations, systems, pipelines, (storage) tanks and other areas become contaminated. As a specialist in industrial cleaning, Smet Jet nv provides a wide range of services for large and small industrial producers, such as power plants, waste processors, metal processing companies, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, petrochemical and chemical companies, ... . Cleaning operations at these businesses are performed during production shutdowns, specific projects, disasters and day-to-day cleaning activities.  

Smet Jet always coordinates its cleaning work with your working hours and requirements. All our services are performed exclusively by our VCA-certified personnel, all trained in multiple disciplines, who work in accordance with VCA P and SIR standards.

We provide the following cleaning services:

High-pressure and super-high-pressure cleaning
Automatic and semi-automatic cleaning using high pressure and super-high pressure can remove a number of contaminants. Smet Jet has several high-pressure machines at its disposal, ranging from 500 to 3,000 bar, for:

  • The cleaning of installation components, such as pipelines, heat exchangers, reactor vessels, dirty work floors, production machinery, air fin coolers, mixing tanks, air preheaters, gutters and drains
  • The cleaning of storage tanks, the internal and external walls and the base
  • The shipping industry, cleaning or removing coatings, cleaning ship’s holds, fuel oil or gas oil bunker tanks, engine rooms and oil/water mixture tanks

Our high-pressure technology is also used for cold cutting, such as cutting various types of steel or cutting structures and industrial devices. This is ideal for delicate work in areas with fire or explosion hazards. Cutting with ultra-high pressure avoids shrinkage loss and minimises material loss.

Vacuum cleaning of fluids
Vacuum technology is the quickest and most efficient way to hoover up large amounts of wet materials, such as liquids, oil residue or sludge. Vacuum technology is used, among others, for emptying tanks, wells, silos, basements, pipelines and sewers. Vacuum vehicles can be used for:

  • Emptying and cleaning underground and surface tanks
  • A variety of industrial vacuum activities
  • Emptying and cleaning pipelines, sand traps, sludge traps and sewers
  • Vacuuming up liquids released during high-pressure and super-high- pressure operations

Vacuum cleaning of dry materials
A significant area within industrial cleaning is vacuuming up dry substances with blow vacuum trucks. Smet Jet operates a fleet of these vehicles, which are characterised by their large carrying capacity. They can vacuum or blast all kinds of dry materials, such as sand, grains, shells, grit, ores, fly ash, wood chips, coarse gravel, etc. Blow vacuum trucks can be used for:

  • Vacuuming up various dry materials
  • Emptying pipelines or blasting them dry

Emergency Management Service
Smet Jet offers assistance, supervision and support during environmental disasters, cooperating in close consultation with various public services and emergency services. Our Emergency Management Service can be used, among others, in case of :

  • A traffic accident on a public road involving the release of liquids or solids
  • Fire damage involving the release of dangerous substances
  • Contamination of soil, roadsides, sewers or ditches


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