Chemical Cleaning

Smet Jet Chemical Cleaning NV, a sister company of Smet Jet NV, has extensive experience in Chemical Cleaning and surface treatment of contaminated industrial equipment. To perform these activities, we have all the necessary and appropriate equipment in-house and rely exclusively on VCA-trained personnel, who work in accordance with VCA P and SIR standards. Chemical cleaning technology is used to remove unwanted material (rust, lime scale, etc.), remove production residues and protective coatings and can be used to perform a pretreatment necessary for the next stage in a process.

This considerably increases the efficiency of the installation or system, which can be used again immediately after cleaning. Chemical cleaning involves the use of chemicals which cause chemical/physical reactions and which cause a chemical surface treatment and happens in different steps: Degreasing, pickling, passivation.

Tests are first carried out to determine which chemical product and concentration are the most suitable for the cleaning. Prior to the cleaning, we have to conduct a number of tests so to ensure that the production equipment is not adversely affected. The selected product is pumped through the installation in a closed circuit until the contamination has been completely removed. The installation is then flushed until all traces of the chemicals have disappeared. We transport the contaminated products and the water used for rinsing to an approved processing centre.

Smet Jet Chemical Cleaning carries out chemical cleaning orders throughout Europe.

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