Automated Projects


We have our own R&D department which develops numerous innovative applications for our core activities. As a result, we can offer our clients an efficient, high-tech service, often using machinery developed in-house, such as:

  • A system for automatically cleaning rotating air preheaters. Piles of plates, of more than two meters thick, are sprayed at high pressure with a very high flow rate. The water is recycled by means of a water purification system
  • A breaker for a more efficient vacuuming of dry materials
  • A system for the automated cleaning of pipelines by means of a special high-pressure pipeline cap, controlled by an automatic reel

At the request of our clients, the R&D department develops specific high-pressure installations for cleaning production units, including reactors, vessels and pipelines. Worldwide we develop and build permanent, automatic, high-pressure installations entirely tailored to clients’ needs.

We also ensure that these high-pressure systems remain reliable through inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. We are able to provide the perfect solution to your problem thanks to the many years of experience and know-how of our specialised staff in our own workshop.

Possible applications include:

Batch reactors:
Smet Jet has developed a system which automatically cleans the reactor with telescopic lances. This means that it is no longer necessary to call in a cleaning company to clean the reactor after every batch.

Automatic anode cleaning:
For a number of years now, Smet Jet has been developing and building high-pressure accumulator systems around the globe to clean anodes in electrolysis processes. These systems are designed and built to improve efficiency. We also take care of maintenance and the sales of spare parts.

Smet Jet is also a specialist in catalyst operations. We have been performing this type of work around the globe since the late 1990s. For this purpose, we have developed a specific installation (in-house) to separate or mix Catofin catalysts (catalyst/ inerts/ small balls/ big balls and spills). The system is built into 40-foot sea containers, making it fully mobile and available for use overseas. In Belgium and neighbouring countries, we combine this with the loading and unloading of the reactors.

ATC (Automatic Tube Cleaning):
Our ATC technology permits narrow tubes to be cleaned completely automatically with great precision and in complete safety. Under a constant pressure and speed, both the beginning and the end of the tube can be cleaned perfectly. This increases the safety, quality and speed of the cleaning process.

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