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Project Ivens

At the beginning of a new week we want to take you on a virtual trip to Ivens, a job site in Antwerp. On this location our collegues of Sint-Gillis-Waas have done an impressive job to clean 13 tanks used for chemical products. They used special techniques to recover the natural oxyd layer.
The tanks are now ready to be transported to their definite location, the North Nation in Antwerp. There the operators will repeat the same procedure on the inside. After this, the tanks will be ready to be taken into service again. If you have a quick look at the pictures, you'll notice that this wasn't an easy task, so we want to thank every one who contributed to making this project such a succes!Ivens 4

ISO 9001:2008


The past year has been a year of reorganization, transformation and innovation for Smet Jet. During this year we have passed to a complete and innovative business model in which our focus has shifted towards working with processes.
This ensures that we can offer an even better service and quality to our customers.
Thanks to these changes all of our employees can now work by clear, simple and well-defined instructions and procedures.
After months of intense labor from all our employees, we can proudly tell you that we have received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate (n° 1284270015) on the 30th of June.
We realize that receiving this ISO certificate is only the first step and that the next steps are  even more important: Improving continuously! That is our goal!

You can find this certificate here.